A Great Place To Get Driving Lessons Or Learning To Drive A Car

Driving lessons or learning to drive a car is a big step. You have probably thought about driving school. You are probably wondering which one is going to be the best school to attend. MyDriving has the best reputation in Dublin. The suburbs that surround Dublin also are eligible to receive lessons from the school.

The school was opened by Pascal Brogan. He is a very patient and extremely well experienced instructor. Pascals aim is to give each student the highest standards of tuition. He provides a safe, stress free, all out enjoyable experience in learning to drive.

Most of the schools business comes from the word of mouth aspect shared by his students and the students family. Each pupil will be taught one on one in order to receive the best experience possible. Each persons lesson will be adjusted to fit his or her needs specifically.

All aspects of driving will be thoroughly explained. You will have diagrams and pictures at your disposal. You will get to have demonstrations when they become necessary.

They will provide you with all the things that you will need to pass their course successfully. If you do not have a car of your own to complete the driving test, you will be able to borrow the instructors vehicle for the test. The charges are all incurred into the tuition fee.

You can book you lessons in either five, ten, or twelve, lesson block classes. Fees for five classes at a time are one hundred and forty five euros. For two hundred and eighty five euros, you will receive ten classes. To pay for all twelve will be three hundred and eighty five euros.

You do however, have the option to pay as you go for your lessons. The fee is thirty euros per lesson. You can receive a discount of ten percent if you take ten or more lessons with First Ireland Insurance.

Before seeking out driving lesson here, you will need to a few things to prepare yourself to learn to drive. You will need to successfully complete the theory test to begin with. You will need to receive an eye examination and get glasses if required.

Fill out an application for a learning permit. Be sure and post the application, theory test certificate, results from your eye exam and two passport photos together to get your permit. When you get your learners permit, you can then sign up for driving lessons at the school. Getting driving lessons or learning to drive a car will be a breeze with MyDriving.

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