A Guide to Buying Genuine Tiffany Diamond Rings and Jewellery

Just the mention of the name Tiffany Jewellery cries out “expensive” but this is not necessarily the case these days with a thriving second hand market available to us all via the world wide web. I have discovered with a spare couple of hours from the comfort of my chair some fantastic finds, Quality Tiffany second hand jewellery at affordable prices. See example below recently advertised on eBay.

Example: a stunning 6 prong Classic Tiffany setting Diamond platinum ring, 0.32ct diamond solitaire ring, G in colour and VS1 Clarity, with certificate and original purchase receipt dated 02/05/2007 costing £2795.00 and being advertised for a bargain price of £1675.00 a huge 40% saving on the new Tiffany diamond rings range and with a local jeweller charging a mere £25.00 to re-polish and rhodium plate the ring, it would look as good as new.

Important tips to find your individual perfect “genuine” tiffany diamond ring:

1. Does the Tiffany diamond ring you have seen advertised come with the original Tiffany box and diamond certificate? If so, the numbers found on the certificate will match the numbers inscribed on the inside of the ring.

2. Also ask if the diamond been inscribed, as in a lot of cases Tiffany would have an individual number lasered on the girdle of the diamond and this number would also be found on the certificate, this a fool-proof way of identifying that individual diamond forever.

3. Please remember if purchasing your second hand diamond Tiffany ring from outside the UK that it may be subject to taxes when shipped across, so what may seem a better deal buying from abroad could be more costly once you have paid all the hidden extras.

It is widely known that Tiffany and all other major signed jewellery suppliers do not offer any discount when purchasing their items direct from their stores. So if you are buying a second hand item direct from the web or an independent store this can be a great way to own a piece of quality Tiffany jewellery at a fantastic saving off the new retail price. Good luck bargain hunting and I hope you find that special piece of signed jewellery at an affordable price.

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