A Real Laser For Eye Surgical Treatment?

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For several years it wasn’t possible to complete any type of delicate eye surgery. The reason being the actual scalpels and fingers of doctors aren’t delicate or even precise enough to cope with such small items. This is why surgeons are now using a laser for eye surgical treatment instead.


This particular use of a laser for eye surgery is one of the latest as well as greatest improvements in surgical treatment. It enables physicians to do surgical treatment upon and also to remove things such as cataracts and also to correct nearsightedness or far sightedness along with other issues.


Using a laser for eye surgery is a finicky process that requires skill as well as accuracy and lots of knowledge regarding how to correct most of these things. The actual laser is run by way of a computer which is able to operate within really slim parameters to ensure the success of the operation. The actual instructions to the computer are put in by the surgeon who has to know what procedure to perform to fix the problem with the eye they are working upon.


The actual procedure also has to be done while the individual is fully compus mentus. The reason being the human eye has a tendency to roll back into the head once the person is unconscious and this means that the actual doctor would be unable to get right to the retina of the eye. This means that the doctor would not be able to operate. You don’t have to bother with pain though as the surface of the eye is actually deadened by the insertion of some anaesthetic drops. The odor can be a little disturbing however. The eye lids are also key open by a clamp which may be a little painful.


It is crucial that you do not move your eye once the laser is actually switched on. It is programmed to cease all cutting if the eye itself moves, but you do not want to have to keep stopping as well as starting you would like it all done and over with as quickly as possible.


The actual time to recover from a surgical procedure completed in this fashion is actually minimal. The eye heals quickly and you also were not under full anaesthetic so you can leave the center a few moments following the surgery. You have to be sure to go back for your check-up visits so that the doctors as well as optometrists can be certain that the cut is healing properly and that the actual surgery was a success. Additionally, you will be given drops to keep your eye clean and free of bacteria. Just do no rub your eye or agitate it in the slightest, regardless of how much it itches. There are no stitches holding your cornea in place and you can dislodge this if you are not cautious.


Using a laser for eye surgery is a great idea s this enables many people to forgo their glasses and also to avoid the loss of sight which a cataract could result in if it’s left unattended for long enough. Just make sure that the doctor and center have a very good reputation before you have your own surgical treatment.


Disclaimer: This posting is based on information freely available in the popular press and medical journals. The information given here should not be construed to be any sort of medical advice. For medical advice the reader should consult with his or her physician or other medical specialist.

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