Choosing an engagement ring can be fun!

If popping the big question is in your future then you are going to need to go hunting for a ring.  If you’re stressing out about this purchase, don’t let it worry you!  Yes, it’s gonna cost you a decent chunk of change, but it’s not hard to save huge amounts of dough when you know what to look for.

Let’s look at a couple of ways you can save some cash and find cheap engagement rings.  I hate using the word “cheap” since diamonds are never going to be inexpensive, so why don’t we use the word affordable from now on!

Your first tip is that you need to take some time to read about diamonds and find out about how they are graded.  There are a lot different factors that go into pricing a diamond and some are more important than others.  In fact, there are some grading factors that you don’t want to be too high!  Why?  Because you will end up paying more for a diamond and you won’t be able to see a difference when looking at the diamond.

Let’s look at what I mean with an example: all diamonds are graded when it comes to their “color”. The ranking scale goes from D to Z, with D meaning it’s a diamond with absolutely no color in it.  All other diamonds have a touch of yellow in them, however this yellow is something you will NEVER see unless your diamond is graded with a color of H or lower.  Sadly, if you buy a diamond with a D grading you will pay thousands more than you would for a ring that has a diamond that is identical but has a lower color grading which you cant ever see!

The best way to make sure you are educated in picking out a diamond is to read a diamond buying guide or check out different websites to get informed about diamonds.  You will save a huge amount of money just by knowing what to look for when shopping for a diamond ring.  Have fun and good luck! 

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