Everything Which You Have To Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels have really been around for a extended time. You’ll be able to have witnessed those incredibly old calculators that had a tiny black panel near the top of the device. If the calculator did not want to switch off for some reason you had to cover this black panel and it would switch off. These calculators worked on solar power as a backup to the tiny battery.

In actual fact, the very first time the photovoltaic effect was observed was in 1893. Antoine-Cesar Becquerel discovered that if a electrolytic cell was placed in light it generated a small quantity of electricity that was proportional to the quantity of light it was exposed to.

It took about fifty years for the very first solar cell to get created. It was made of selenium sheets coated with gold. It then took until 1941 for the first working commercial solar powered appliance to come about. It was a water heater created by Clarence Kemp.

The Americans were also within the race for solar power and it was a single one of their inventors who created the very first silicone solar cell. This is what then became the solar panels that we know today. The first solar panels were not really efficient. The first ones gave a four percent conversion rate of the solar energy that was absorbed by the solar panels.

The first actually large scale solar panels were the ones applied in space technology to power the space satellites. They achieved an awesome twenty percent energy efficiency. By the year 2000 solar panels were being created that had a twenty four percent conversion rate and recently a solar panel that will produce an immense twenty eight percent conversion rate has been produced.

The solar panels we use these days are made practically entirely of silicone as stripped silicone is the most neutral platform obtainable for transmitting electrons. It takes many years to make pure silicon that has absolutely no charge on it at all. It’s the application of the silicon to the plates of the solar panels that produces a charge that may be neither negative or positive.

These panels are then exposed to the sun and then the light caused the plates of the solar panels to discharge electrons and generate a charge which is converted into electricity.

As it is possible to see solar panels have come a very long way from that simple electrolytic cell in the sun. They’ve turn out to be a lot more energy efficient and can really produce large amounts of electricity if they are placed properly to ensure that they receive the maximum quantity of light. The more light they get, the far more strong they are. They have been integrated into a lot of homes in an effort to save on electricity and to try to help in the international go green initiative which is on the go to try to stop global warming before we hit the point of no return. So why not do your part and have one of these amazing pieces of technology installed in your home?

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