Expert reveals how to improve your muscle tone

As soon as they hit the age of thirty, many women are dismayed to discover that stubborn pockets of fat seem almost impossible to get rid of.

If you want to know how to tone up your body, searching through the massive amount of confusing and often contradictory information about the various exercise programs can be very, very frustrating. Put ten experts together in a room, and you’ll probably end up with 20 different opinions. It should come as no surprise that most women aren’t sure about about what they should be doing.

There’s plenty of debate about which type of exercise is the “best” way to get in shape. Some argue in favor of aerobic exercise. Others contend that resistance exercise (such as lifting weights) is the right way to do it.

If your goals are to preserve muscle mass, boost calorie expenditure and drop the pounds faster, a combination of aerobic and resistance exercise is the best approach.

Traditionally, weight training is not considered feminine. That’s in spite of the wealth of research showing that it’s a highly effective way to burn fat.

Most women are pleasantly surprised by the results they get from a proper program of resistance exercise, such as the routine described in Visual Impact for Women (see this Visual Impact for Women review for more).

Resistance exercise gives you the power to sculpt your body the way you want it to look. It’s almost impossible to alter the shape of your body with aerobic exercise by itself. If you’re shaped like an apple, cardio by itself is just going to leave you looking like a smaller apple.

Instead of getting bigger, the exchange of fat for muscle will make you look smaller and shapelier. You’ll probably drop several dress sizes. Not only will your thighs shrink, they’ll also take shape.

Needless to say, these changes won’t take place overnight. But in a few short months, and people are going to notice the difference.

Strength training is also a highly effective way to deal with the frustrations that life puts in your way. Putting in a good workout can give you a real sense of accomplishment. That gnawing sense of anxiety will disappear. As your strength increases, so will your confidence and independence.

You will gain some muscle. Which some women find concerning. However, the amount of muscle you’ll put on is a lot less than you might think.

Truth this, it will take years of dedicated training combined with an almost religious obsession with nutrition and training to build the kind of muscular female bodies you see in the magazines. Ask any guy, and he’ll tell you that building muscle is extremely difficult. It takes hours of training in the gym, eating a high-protein diet, and getting plenty of rest.

On the subject of nutrition and weight loss, it’s a myth that you need to eat six small meals a day to drop the weight and tone up. Most studies show that you lose weight just as easily with 3 rather than 6 meals a day.

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