Finding a right guitar present for a loved one

The primary considerations in identifying guitar gifts are level of experience, kind of music wanted, and what gear and learning material they already have. Seek out as much out about these as you possibly can. Or much better, get the lucky gift recipient to drop a few subtle (or not-so-subtle) ideas on what they desire… here are some tips for several events:

The nice thing about selecting a guitar gift as the concept is that there are plenty of options to select from. Guitarists need a whole lot of goods to further improve the guitar learning experience. You simply must have a bit of observation to recognize what he really needs. You could grab awesome guitar gifts in any range in a guitar store.

T-shirts with logos are standard gifts. You can buy a t-shirt or if you have the time you can customize one. This helps to provide a personal touch to the gift item. A t-shirt should not amount to more than $10 despite the fact that you customize it. You could embroider a shirt or simply sew on a few embroidery patches on a shirt if you like to do the gift at home.

Offer a Guitar Package- For a starter who doesn’t own a guitar , packages are available starting at about $100 that include a guitar and all the accessories required to get going “out of the box” (including an amp if it’s an electric guitar.)

Books and videos are a good bet- For a sensibly priced gift, books are a great choice and can easily be tailored to the recipient. Some categories: origin of a kind of guitar music (rock , blues, jazz); biography of preferred guitarists; instruction books; guitar song (tab) books for a favorite band or form of music. Price range $15-30.

If you are creative then you could gift the guitarist a piece of art that you made yourself. You could have a mug and paint it with something distinctive and add a note on the mug. If you’re enthusiastic about painting then you could gift the person a wall hanging.

Learn how to select the best guitar gifts for a loved one. Presents for guitar players can easily be found here and check out the best guitar lessons for beginners at


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