Five Tricep Exercises For Women

These four tricep exercises for women, will give you those nice tight and toned triceps that will allow you to expose your arms.

Many women today are nervous about exposing their arms in the summertime due to a lack of definition in the muscles or because of excess body fat. You can use exercises that are targeted to those areas and provide you the look you want for your arms.

You can even just choose one or two of the tricep exercises in with your normal exercise routine and you will begin to see some quick results.

These are the top five tricep exercises for women:

1. Hanging Dips – This exercise will not only work your triceps, but it will also improve your core, shoulders and overall balance. You can find plenty of dip bars at the gym, but a bench will do just fine.
Hanging can be accomplished by holding yourself up using the dip handles, lowering yourself downward by bending the arms, stopping when you are at a 90 degree angle. To do this on a bench, just dip down until you reach that same 90-degree mark – never go lower as it will put too much strain on your shoulders. One thing to remember is that you should do this movement slowly, taking at least 4-6 seconds to get to that 90-degree position and then press up before repeating the slow negative of the movement.

2. Dumbbell Tricep Extension: You can do this standing or sitting. Hold a dumbbell over your head using both arms, then slowly lower it down below your head and return again to the starting position. You can also use just one arm at a time but of course make sure to lower the weight you would use.

3. Skull crusher: I just like the name of this move… Lay on a bench with a small barbell, the gym often has smaller 3 ft. and then hold it straight up and lower the bar down toward your forehead by slowly bending your arms. Again, do this movement slowly, taking 4-6 seconds to get it lowered each time.

4. Close Grip Push-Ups – You can do this exercise any time, anywhere. You’ll work all the same muscle groups the dips do, making it a full body workout. Get into a push up position and place hands directly under your shoulders. Keeping elbows in by your side lower down for push ups and return to start. Make sure you’re squeezing your stomach and butt at the same time!

5. Tricep Kick-Backs: Find a bench and kneel down on it, leaning on the leg that you are holding your weight up with. Now with your back straight and your head looking straight ahead start with the weight at a ninety degree angle. Extend the weight keeping your elbow completely stationary.

These five tricep exercises for women are phenomenally effective!

The names might sound a little weird, but the exercises that we have outlined here will help women get the toned and tight-looking arms they’ve always dreamed of having. After all, once you start using these exercises you will feel the burn and develop that infamous “V” in the backside of your arms.

You should use these tricep exercises for women at least 2-3 times each week and do 3 sets of at least 8-10 repetitions. You just won’t believe what you can accomplish with these tricep exercises for women!

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