Guidelines On How To Clean My PC

I knew it would not be easy for me to clean my PC on my own but I still tried. It was the only way I know to save money from calling a technician. Some people say that what a technician does is just an easy job you could do yourself as long as you stick with the manual and follow them correctly. And it’s true because without spending a cent to purchase any software, I was able to clean my machine and made it run speedier.

Here are the steps I did that might be helpful for your computer as well:

Installation of Anti-Spy Ware and Anti-Virus softwares – This is the first step I did to clean my PC. Spywares can slow down the computer’s function, spoil it and even destroy it completely. If your computer is experiencing this, then it’s about time to begin maintaining it regularly. Because when this problem is ignored, the machine might stop running at all.
And cleaning the machine manually can be very difficult and frustrating when you’re neither a computer savvy nor a Mr Fixit. But then, when cleaning program was invented, all of these difficulties have been eliminated. It doesn’t require the user to have any technical knowledge. The virus can be eliminated daily or weekly by using the anti-spy ware and anti-virus software.

• Computer Registry Maintenance – Upon installation of new programs and software in the computer, the registry stores much unnecessary information that may accumulate over time. When this happens, the computer will grind to a halt. So make sure to check it regularly and clean it up to make sure your machine is running fine.

• Maintenance for Cookies and Temporary Internet Files – Another thing I did to clean my PC is to make sure the cookies and temporary Internet files are always purged. And fortunately for this, there’s a cleaning program that you may install to automatically do the cleaning. If you can’t afford to buy one, there are also free softwares available over the Internet.

• Defragging of the computer’s hard drive – Defragging has the ability to enhance the computer’s speed performance and re-arrange the system files. This will help the machine to maintain its effective system performance. This can be done once every month to ensure its efficiency. This part is the easiest task. I just clicked on My Computer and then right click on a specific Local Disk. After that, I clicked on the Properties, next is Tools and lastly the Defragment Now. It was very rapid and easy.

When I did all these to clean my PC, I’ve never have a problem since then. It’s really vital to keep the PC clean especially when your crucial documents are there. On unexpected times, virus suddenly invades your system and it’s not a good thing when it can corrupt all your files and even damage your back up files. So start cleaning your machine now, before any kind of these problems crops up.


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