Hawaii: A Magnificent And Historically Vibrant Heritage

Aloha! The Hawaiian Islands are definitely one of the major visitor locations within the world. For a good reason too! This set of islands provides beauty beyond comparison and does not require a passport for American visitors. It is the 50th of the fifty states, but the culture here is so different it feels like you’re in a whole different country.

The Hawaiian Islands boasts eight main islands. They’re the island of Hawaii (The Big Island), Maui (The Valley Isle), Kaho’olawe (The Target Isle), Lana’i (The Pineapple Isle), Moloka’i (The Friendly Isle), O’ahu (The Gathering Place), Kaua’i (The Garden Isle) and Ni’ihau (The Forbidden Isle).

The traditional Hawaiian language has a Polynesian source, however English is prominently spoken here as well. Each are well-established languages. Usage of the Polynesian form has gradually diminished over the years however the school system is beginning to support the use to help preserve the Hawaiian history. Quite a few are pre-schools looking to instill this cultural knowledge into the future of the state so it will not be lost forever.

On the Big Island is found the world’s highest mountain, Mauna Kea. Though Mauna Kea is identified world-wide as being just 13,796 feet, the true elevation if measured from it’s foundation nearly 20,000 feet below sea level, is notably different. Indeed, at an over-all 33,500 feet its higher than Mount Everest. Remarkable!

Hawaiian weather is to be prized year round with the lowest temperatures approaching only 60 degrees. Trade winds will blow through the islands providing a significantly lower humidity as compared to many other tropical locations. The islands have just two different seasons, dry and rainy. Dry season is from April to October while the wet time of year is from November to March.

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, by air and sea, sinking or destroying a number of U.S. Naval warships and taking some 2400 lives. You can visit and explore the exact location and also see some of the old ships still there to this day.

Principal cities in Hawaii include Honolulu, South Point, Waipouli, Omao, Maalaea, Kalapana, Nawiliwili and Wainiha. Each provide their very own experience for visitors, however it would take more than only one trip to the islands to experience it all.

If Pearl Harbor isn’t enough history for you you’ll be able to also find out a little from all the various cultures to be discovered spread through out the archipelago. The most common ancestral groups present in island society are Scottish, French, Mexican, African, Puerto Rican, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Irish, English, German, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese and of course Polynesian. But Hawaii has more to offer than simply Hawaiian culture alone.

This brief description just isn’t enough to do this vacation destination justice. A visit would be necessary to actually come to know Hawaii’s natural beauty and heritage – just ask anyone fortunate enough to have vacationed on any of the islands.

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