Health Policies – Saving Some Cash


While it may be true that doctors save people’s lives, health insurance helps bring people to the doctor in order to have their lives saved in the first place. The previous statement can be explained with the following story – a man on the verge of death needs a fifty thousand dollar surgery to restore him to good health. The surgical treatment is cut down to ten thousand dollars for out of pocket expenses after going through his insurance policy. Had the man been uninsured, he wouldn’t be able to afford the surgery and because of such monetary setbacks had fallen ill with no necessary surgery and died. Due to the fact the man had an appropriate medicare part c plan, he was able to survive. There is no question that the doctor is the one who saved the man’s life, however the man was put into a situation which allowed the doctor to do so only because he had health insurance.


Picture this: a wealthy, prestigious country without any record of war. Even though country has no problems with their current monarch, the nation is incomplete because it lacks the house based resources necessary to produce enough energy with the power plants run inside the country. To their fortune, the neighboring country across the river has an excess in power plants that may be utilized to power a country five times their size. They only have to build a bridge to get across to supply the rest of the energy.


This metaphor is a great explanation of exactly how Medigap insurance works. The truly amazing foundation upon which the supply of the refined reimbursement system for medical expenses is Medicare – also it doesn’t produce all the coverage necessary independently to cover all of the expenses. The bridge that certain has the ability to build upon enrolling which links together with regards to supplying and supplementing the rest of uncovered expenses which can not be obtained through any other means is Medigap.


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