Home Mortgage Loan

What is a Home Mortgage Loan?

A home mortgage loan is where the home or estate of the person who borrows the money is used as security for the loan. If for some reason you are unable to make payments on the loan, the real estate/property will be seized. When you sign a mortgage, or Deed of Trust, this is a binding contract that promises your honor on the loan, lest your house be taken.

Home mortgage loans are usually for people who are buying a home, and are usually long-term. There are many many different types of loans you can receive; depending on the your specific situation. You’ll want to be sure that before you choose one, you look over your credit, speak with lenders or banks about what would be your best options and in your best interest, and figure out how much your home is worth and what you need the loan for.

There are times, if a buyer does not qualify for a home mortgage, the seller of the house will offer to carry the loan for the buyer. Let’s explain this for you: the seller and you agree on the final price for the house, then you give the seller an agreed upon percentage of that price, which is called the deposit or down payment. Then, make the payments on the remaining amount to the seller, who basically, is turning around and sending those payments to the bank that they have their mortgage with. In other words they use your payments to them to pay their original payments to the bank.


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