How does Relationship Counselling Work?

Does relationship counselling work? How about individual therapy for anxiety and depression. Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney, a leading service provider, answers your questions about counselling therapy.

A common question asked by our clients is: “Does counselling really work?” Like our clients, you may be looking for help with your relationship, with an anxiety problem or stress, or maybe low mood or depression. Whatever the reasons causing concern, there’s good news: clinical counselling has proven to help people with complaints such as anxiety and depression. And importantly also, relationship counselling for marriage or couple issues is a validated therapy for assisting couples to improve the quality of their relationship.

How does counselling work?
There are a number of types of modalities which counsellors can use to help you. The therapy they choose will largely depend on the counsellors training and their assessment of your issue. Some of the best validated treatments for anxiety and depression include cognitive behavioural therapy. This therapy works by thinking in depth about behaviours and thoughts that currently increase your level of anxiety or depression, and help you to overcome this patterned response. For instance, those who experience anxiety could be telling themselves things like: ‘I won’t be able to make it’, or ‘I’ll be terribly embarrassed if people see how nervous I am’. Such thoughts are identified together with your therapist, and new, positive self-representations are now used to challenge these beliefs. With continued practice and some skills training such as relaxation, positive results are experienced by most people.

Can relationship counselling help my partnership?

Relationships are changeable -they go through phases, from the initial honeymoon stage to a maturing of the relationships. For nearly everyone, as a relationship matures, so do lifestyle demands and responsibility, whether it’s in the form of increased work pressure or children coming along, etc. As these pressures increase, the partners in the relationship may no longer be able to accommodate the other’s emotional needs, and conflict can develop – often into frequent and recurring arguments. Relationship counselling enables each partner to learn to soothe their own distress, whilst also learning to identify and name the underlying needs that are going unmet. Partners begin to negotiate what they can do for each other and which demands may need to go unmet. A new, more realistic life plan is recognised and can be worked with.

What issues can therapists help with?

Therapists and psychologists are familiar with assisting over a wide range of issues including anxiety or stress, depression or sadness, marriage and couple issues, grief and bereavement, addictions, anger management, eating disorders and many other complaints of modern living.

How can I choose a counsellor or psychologist?

Contact a registered counsellor or psychologist for a start to a better life. Licenced mental health professionals can work with you to overcome emotional challenges. Depending on the country you are in you can seek assistance from the professional body that registers counsellors or psychologists in your state. In Australia, Associated Counsellors & Psychologists Sydney can connect you with a registered therapist near you.

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