How To Do High-intensity Interval Training

Anyone who wants to burn off body fat in a far more effective way than through regular cardiovascular exercises may want to take up high intensity interval training. By doing this you should be able to see a return three times greater than you can do it with a regular exercise routine.

These dynamic exercises tend to work much more effectively at burning fat than more static ones because they will keep your body guessing. By incorporating high-intensity interval training into your regular workout routine you will build up your metabolism into an inferno. While it can be difficult to start up at first, with some effort and determination you will be shedding the pounds in no time.

When you first start your exercise routine needs to be very short and very brief. This is crucial for two reasons. First off, due to the fact that it is very demanding you will be less likely to cause yourself injury. Secondly, you are also going to be much less likely to put yourself off and then end up giving up if you start slow.

The process is very easy. Choose an exercise that you really enjoy and then to 30 seconds of very high intensity exercise and then 30 seconds of very low intensity exercise. Repeat this process four times so that you are doing it for four minutes. That will be week one.

Now you need to start building up each and every week. One week two, therefore, you should be doing five minutes with five sprints, and then on week three you should be doing six minutes with six sprints. All of this may sound extremely easy to do, but it will end up being very physically demanding.

You can build as far as you like until you reach a point where you are seeing great results.

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