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Jonathan Leger has been earning his living online full-time since the fall of 2004. He regularly posts advice about search engine optimization (his current passion), AdSense and Internet Marketing to his internet marketing strategies.

Jonathan Leger has been online since before the World Wide Web was born. He has been writing commercial software since he was 14, and spent 8 years in the corporate world as a software developer before striking out on his own.

He’s the creator of a number of well known and respected AdSense software products such as:

  • The Best Spinner
  • Instant Article Wizard
  • 3WayLinks.net
  • 1WayLinks.net

All of his programing and online experience has given him the skills to earn a fantastic living 100% online. His blog contains a wealth of information showing you how you can do it, too, so be sure to visit often as he posts regularly.

A few of his recent posts include:

  • Yes, It’s Still All About The Links
  • Does Google need to beat Facebook?
  • How To Rank in Bing
  • Does Google’s Panda speak English?
  • Starting From Scratch: How to Find and Fill Holes
  • Google vs. Content Farms

As you can see from the above list, Jonathan covers a range of topics including Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. His favorite is SEO, so you can expect to read a lot about that on his blog. It’s a true marketing education.

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