LUK Learning system

I stumbled upon this glorious children game in a booth selling IQ games at Tesco 36 months ago. I had been impressed as a result of innovative contents. Besides, children can start to play independently and checking their very own answers. I still remember one of many puzzles showing the superior view of your swimmer wearing a cap, as well as the children are asked to recognize the respective side view with the swimmer. That needs a long imagination from your children. However, the purchase price scared me off. Its at least RM600 . The sales lady told me that this game had a lot more than 3 decades history in Germany.

Okay, you might not know what is that this Luk and Bambino Luk, Ive discovered a website that demonstrates this. Browse the demonstration and you may understand what I mean

BambinoLuk (2-4 years of age) : Introduction, Demonstration , Samples

MiniLuk (4-8 yrs . old): Introduction, Demonstration , Samples

(note: I tried to buy from their store in mid 2009 but appears to be they did not sell outside US)

I believe you will end up impressed too looking at the Samples and demonstration . I strongly feel that by exposing the children to these games, were developing their intelligence, regarding sequencing, imagination and association. It is possible to tell that were convinced i would buy, but forking out RM600 is extremely painful, especially with a stage that I am not sure the kids desire.

In addition, Im a huge fan of Dr Glenn Doman(proposed using flash cards) and Dr Howard Gardner(proposed Multiple Intelligence concept), I really believe that parents should stimulate children to think and sharpen their brain because brain development happen at early childhood. Id finish reading their books in years past. Thats the main reason I became convinced without difficulty.

It so happened i had a short visit to Germany within the following month. Although lack of time, inside available 120 minutes, I was able to go to a bookstore to discover more on this Luk system. Yes, the sales girl was right that it absolutely was popular in German for over 30 years. I needed difficulty to determine what you should purchase. Unlike other regions of the world, in Germany, the Luk system carries a very wide varieties, and I was selecting from a variety of 50-100 books. All of them is approximately 5-7Euro. I bought several books and a controller, amounting to RM200 with the kind aid from the Germany salesman translating for me personally. Thats 1/3 of the price compared to things i saw.

My son had completed all of the exercises of the bambinoLUK set. I needed to obtain more, but I didnt have any possiblity to visit Germany and I could not afford a visit like that. I came across a toy shop in United Square Singapore located in the basement. The official website could possibly be found here. My son had the opportunity to consider it and tried out before I paid SGD100 for a couple of 5 books. I knew in Germany and US, this may be cheaper but given that there were the opportunity to try it out, I chose to pay. Could possibly be partly since the owner was very friendly and kind. As you expected, I realised later that it was sold cheaper, about half price in US. My buddy tried to obtain Amazon, however, since not offered directly by Amazon, they did not sell beyond US.

I also discovered a cheap version, purchased from pasar malam. The controller looked very similar to the miniLuk system. It absolutely was sold at cheaper price, but still at RM160! But the quality had no match to the miniLuk system. Besides, Also i suspected that it may be pirated copy. Checking the contents, I found that the Germany Intelligence in the game didnt have. It appeared as if a compilation which contains numerous subjects, with no key learning theme.

I introduced this glorious product to numerous people. One friend found a method to do parallel imports. Their website is introducing the games at additional affordable price. The products are genuine good quality goods. You can visit the site G-minimall here. I had bought a couple more sets, that i could not get in Malaysia nor Singapore making use of their help.

I admire German engineers for their innovation and good engineering. I think IQ games this way have a role with this. I value innovation goods like this. But please do not get me wrong, I would not think that IQ games can make a child more clever and definitely you are unable to create a genius from these. But the IQ games is likely to make a young child more intelligent in ways based on Dr Howard Gardner. However, its not commonly available to us….

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