Making a profit on the web

People in business these days appreciate the potential of the Internet. But do they know how to translate that worth into genuine profit? It’s all very well using a web site, but how does that investment equal profit in the bank? In order to make the right return from your website, you need to understand how to get the right people to take a look at it.

Think about the people coming to a website. There are two types of visitor: useful and unprofitable. A profitable visitor is one who is either interested in the service the site is promoting, or who will become interested in that service once he or she has looked around the site. A non-profitable visitor is one who is never going to engage either with the site’s subject matter or the items it is promoting.

Only so many customers will find your business on any given day. You want them all to be the ones who definitely want to use it – the people looking for carpet glue removal.

In order to do that, you need to understand how search engines function. Any visitor coming to your site without coming through a search engine is already interested in your services, so you don’t need to concern yourself with them. The search engine is the tool that finds the useful customers: the users who will be interested in your product, once they find it. A search engine does that by working out how pertinent a visitor’s search is to the items your site contains. If a search term is looking for radiators, and you sell green radiators, your site will appear in the results for that search.

If a search term is scouting for green radiators, though, your site is guaranteed to pop up right at the top. And that means profitable traffic: people who have never heard of you, but who are sure to be interested in your product.

Once people are arriving at your site because you promote DVDs for children, you know you’ve found the right niche.

Profitable online business is all about finding your niche market and attracting it. The Internet is far too big a place to spread a wide net and try to sell to everyone. The most valuable online trading is done by businesses who have understoood that the global community operates best as a series of smaller villages.

Find your niche and the search engines will do the rest. As long as the content and programming of your site meets the current expectations of the web spiders, they will find you. When they do they will bring you to the doorsteps of customers who actually want to spend their money on the product you are selling.

You’ll see precisely what we mean if you look at this site – an perfect example of finding a niche market.

Finding your niche shouldn’t be too taxing. Everyone who sells a product or service already has a niche. You just have to be aware of the key selling point that sets your market apart from others like it. What have you got that allows you to whittle the useless crowds down into the useful few?

That’s what it all boils down to. The web looks like easy market space because it’s so big. But unless you’re able to make it much smaller, you’ll vanish in the mix. If you want to make real profit on the net, be prepared to think niche before you make it big.

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