Neil Jagger And His Endeavors Towards Better Mining Solutions

Neil Jagger has been in the mining industry for years and he has devoted his whole life for the mining field. He has not left any stone unturned in the technologies of mining. Supaflo paste thickeners are his original discovery along with many other new technologies for various other facets of the mining industry. Industrial minerals have a huge demand in the market. Many young miners are using the technology recommended by Neil Jagger for the industrial minerals.

The physical separation of industrial minerals accumulate a lot of cost. Jagger’s gadgets have decreased the amount of time used in the separation of the minerals. To start with let’s understand which the primary industrial minerals are and what the strategies of separations are. Basically brass, tiles, insulating materials would be the industrial metals which are popularly used in the mining industry. Advanced technology and also processing gadgets are used to separate the materials from their ores. Neil Jagger has invested years in finding out the separation methods. Basically there are three ranges of products obtainable for serving the purpose. The entire selection of magnetic, electrostatic as well as gravity based technologies are used for industrial methods. Jagger has recommended innovative techniques which reduce the cost of the separation.

According to surveys, gravitational strategies are the most economical methods. They are the most commonly used methods also. Neil Jagger provides the latest technology to the clients at affordable prices. In the sector of industrial minerals the extremely fine grinding technology is needed together with the separation equipment. Neil Jagger and his team supply the complete package of gadgets. They are experts in project management. Along with the setting up of equipments, they offer technical support also. Coal processors are required for increasing the production of fine particles. The coal particles utilized for the processors vary from 0.5 millimeter to 1 millimeter. The moisture of the fine particles needs to be minutely examined. Extremely moist particles of numerous industrial metals cause them to become worthless. Jagger has created equipments that can routinely monitor the moisture content of the particles in order that it can be controlled.

There’s a physical separation strategy which had been traditionally used due to the low cost but it had major loop holes. Neil Jagger has suggested techniques to cover the loop holes of the projects. He has totally changed the physical separation method since the method wasn’t practical for large scale projects. Jagger and his team invest personal efforts for the customers’ benefits. They believe in bringing out the most out of the minimum for the customers.

The projects are affordable and physically feasible at the sites. Neil Jagger is a specialist in the field of mining and his expertise has been refined with the numerous years of experience. There is no one in this industry other than him who has such vast abilities. He is a prominent name and folks use his projects as an inspiration for improvement. His triumphs with industrial minerals and flotation cells have already been revolutionary and thus they’ve been rewarded with various government grants in various countries.

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