Now is Your Chance To Acquire Acreage In Hawaii At A Discount

There are real estate bargains to be had almost everywhere, and that applies to Hawaii as well as the Mainland. Hawaii seems to be a major target for people from the US and other countries to purchase homes. The Big Island of Hawaii actually offers more land area than the other islands combined, and there are some very nice areas of widely divergent weather and geography. Here’s a source for a discussion that contrasts differences in climate, water temperature and other factors between Hawaii and California.

The community of Hilo is on the wet side of the island. The nearly daily rains give this part of the island a very tropical feel. The major county government departments have their headquarters in Hilo. There are many qualified real estate agents in Hilo who can help you look at Big Island real estate on the wet side of the island.

On the west side of the island is the Kona District. The incoming rain clouds lose much of their energy and water as they pass over the inactive volcanoes that separate Kona from Hilo. Consequently the Kona side is much drier. The sunnier climate tends to draw people, especially vacationers, to the dry side of the island, although Hilo has a substantial permanent population of residents.

With Kona coffee orchards common at higher levels and parcels providing awesome coastline views, you can find hundreds of Hawaii land options in this slow economy. Prices are way down from their maximum levels in 2006 and you can find some amazing discounts on beautiful estate homes. The feeling is different on the Big Island compared to Maui, Oahu or even Kauai. If you are thinking about buying land for a retirement or vacation home, take a look at Kona and the Big Island.

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