Occupational Health And Safety and the role of the Work Method Statement

A gung ho attitude has no place in any work place, as the well-being of employees is not a matter to be taken lightly. Hence, having a Work Method Statements is not enough. Every employer need to set up a comprehensive document in which fulfills the legal requirements and actually guarantees the safety and health of everybody in the workplace.

A small business entity has numerous facets. It’s a supplier of goods as well as services for the community. It’s also a profit generator for the proprietors. An equally important role of a business entity is that involving an employer, that has a responsibility to keep it’s staff members protected within the work place.

The significance of occupational health and safety can’t be stressed enough. Anyone should certainly not need to risk life and limb whilst at your workplace. There are many of ways of ensuring the well-being of personnel. Numerous safety programs might be introduced that include safety training, supervision and frequent inspection.

Safe Work Method Statements can also help raise awareness among personnel, which often can greatly reduce workplace injuries and deaths. Importance of Work Method Statements A Work Method Statement is actually a set of instructions to help prevent avoidable dangers for people within the workplace. Whether it’s laying down guidelines on using equipment or giving the proper procedure for a specific task, a Work Method Statement could considerably decrease incidents of injuries and fatalities at work.

More often than not, government departments centering on occupational health and safety require organisations to generate and put into action a Work Method Statement. Having Work Method Statements in place is usually required before a small business can operate.

The absence of the necessary ohs policies and procedures usually leads to fines. Occasionally, it can lead to suspension as well as cessation of business operations. The true reason for these sactions is clear: with out these measures, the government may incur costs in the form of medical treatments or social security payments for injured staff. Even without the government mandate, it can be incumbent on any workplace to put together work method statements for each task carried out and equipment used in the workplace.

Fostering a safe work place impacts not just the staff and their families, but the company’s customers, suppliers, and nearby communities as well. Having a set of work method statements also can serve as a constant reminder to employers to make safety a priority. For staff, it may possibly affect behaviour on the job by making them a lot more conscious of their well-being. For the business in general, it could cultivate a culture in which values safety above anything else. Crafting an Effective Work Method Statements It seems easy to make a work method statement.

Nevertheless, it is not as simple as it looks. It involves addressing important issues. Are the instructions comprehensive enough to allow the safe performance of a task or use of a certain equipment? Does it include instructions on the steps to take just before and after operation? Does it discuss the required personal protective equipment a member of staff has to wear or have? Does it include specific directions on how the training and supervision of personnel are conducted? Is it frequently updated to meet the latest regulatory or legislative requirements? Many of these questions must be considered to accomplish one goal: to guarantee the worker’s safety all the time.

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