Saving Money Has Never Been Easier

Concerned about money and finances? Join the crowd, everyone is searching for new ways to save some money. There are lots of great resources out there for savings money. Some of the best are bloggers out there writing about money saving ideas every day. They are offering you tips on savings money when shopping online or when doing your weekly shopping at the local grocery store. You can also find some great tips in how to get FREE stuff.

Bloggers – Some really good blogs are:
The Grocery Weekly – Weekly updates about what I think are the best buys and deals at Topeka grocery stores, with some occasional random ideas and advice about couponing and saving money – As the tag line suggests, the focus of this site is grocery savigns in Topeka, Kansas, but it isn’t limited to just that. The will also provide some great deal for online shopping. The leading stores to find deals at on this site are Walgreens, Hy-Vee, CVS and Dillons. Another great feature of this blog is the recipies. I’ve tried out a few and I haven’t been disapointed with anything yet. If you are in the Kansas area (or not) and looking for some deals, check out The Grocery Weekly.

Frugal Fergie – Frugal Living With Fergie – Frugal Fergie is a simple country girl trying to make ends meet in a big, expensive, city. This is where she compiles and shares all her money-saving ideas, tips, and tricks with you. From book reviews, to frugal dining tips, cheap entertainment and grocery tips, she helps you navigate through the expenses of living in the city. Making and savings money online are also frequent topic to help save and make money no matter where you live. Check out Frugal Fergie.

Coupon Blog – If you are looking for coupons, check out the FindSavings blog for a daily update of the newest coupons. This blog is updated daily as all of the new coupons and promotions become available.

Be sure and check out some of these great writers. They can provide you with some great ideas on saving money and they are very good writers. You will be actually enjoy reading these blogs and learn how to save some money at the same time.

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