Studying On From LPN to RN

There are many benefits and advantages that come with being a registered nurse. Registered nurses have a greater chance of getting hired, they have qualifications that allow them to pursue an advanced practice nursing career, and they of course have higher salaries. The main reason why registered nurses are hired quicker than licensed practical nurses is because registered nurses spend two to four years on their education and training while licensed practical nurses usually spend only a year to finish their LPN program. With all those additional years of education, registered nurses have obviously more knowledge and experience. Registered nurses also have a better chance of being promoted into a higher position such as a head nurse.

The higher salary could commonly be the top reason why LPNs pursue a registered nursing career. According to statistics, the average LPN salary is $40,380 while the average salary for registered nurses is $64,690. The highest paid LPNs earn $56,010 while the highest paid registered nurses make $95,130. The difference between these two figures is more than enough to boost the interest of LPNs who want to make more money in the nursing field.

The fastest way for an LPN to become a registered nurse without letting go of their practical nursing job is to take an online nursing degree course. With this, an LPN can take any LPN to RN program on their own schedule and complete their education at his or her own pace. In addition to the convenience and flexibility enjoyed by students taking online courses, price is also significantly lesser for these online LPN schools.

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