Success is easy. Success by becoming complex is impossible.

Most network marketing programs have the trolley quite a distance ahead of the horse that is supposed to be pulling it.

For instance, how you typicaly become a member of a network marketing business. Usually you will get asked by a friend or an associate whose primary goal is to develop their downline and bring in more money.

Do not get me wrong expanding downlines and building residual income is what I really do. But I am tired of getting mistreated by so called gurus from companies they have merely been a part of for 3 days at the most.

If someone first at least attempts to make clear to me when their product helps, how it will help me privately and why I can also be helped by promoting it I would possibly have more time for all the suggestions I get.


Not many individuals it appears understand that becoming a member of a Network Marketing company is a longer term affair and that you have to have a plan to succeed. You have to have a plan on how you are going to describe the product and secondly both explain and get paid yourself. The plan is vital. Especially how you are going to find leads for your success.

In my case I am a Tahitian Noni Independent Product Consultant. We sell Tahitian Noni® Original (used to be called juice) and Tahitian Noni® Extra. Our products and solutions help increase energy, reduce inflammation, support your immune system and generally help you to overall better health. We get paid every week and bonuses monthly and have already been doing so since 1996.

See how uncomplicated it is. If you fascinated pay a visit to my blog where I wrote a post about how easy it is to explain your network marketing business.

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