The Best Automotive Service in Rockford

There is one situation that everyone dreads; a breakdown of their automobile. When this happens, it is always a struggle to find an honest, reliable mechanic that can fix the car or truck at the right price.

Luckily, for those looking for this type of auto repair in Rockford, Carz R’ Us is around. At Carz R’ Us they offer a broad range of repairs for all types of automobiles. They are a full service, family owned automotive shop.

They aim to provide premium quality automotive services and one hundred percent satisfaction. Their service includes, but isn’t limited to, oil changes, tire rotations and replacements, brake jobs, suspensions, exhausts, belt replacements, engine maintenance and rebuilds, performance upgrades, transmission rebuilds and replacements, and electrical diagnostics and repair.

If the service work they perform last more than an hour, they also offer free rides to nearby shopping. If the repair takes a full day, they also offer free rides to and from customer’s places of employment.

Carz R’ Us has employees with a broad range of backgrounds, and a long history of quality mechanical work. Rockford Il auto repair cannot offer a better staff. Carz R’ Us also offers a ten dollar discount for customers who refer a friend, as well as discounts to veterans.

At Carz R’ Us they also do fantastic work on classic cars, as evidenced by the 1978 Chevy Truck and the 1957 Ford Fairlane featured on their website. Carz R’ Us offers the best in Rockford auto repair, so there is no need to look anywhere else for quality automotive care.


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