Three Legitimate Arguments Why You Can’t Rely On Marketing Agencies To Write Your Advertising Campaigns

This piece of writing is composed specifically for small businesses proprietors. If you’re in business and are thinking about undertaking any sort of print advertisements whatsoever. Don’t do anything at all until you have read this short article thoroughly from beginning to end. It could literally save you 1000s of dollars in extraneous advertisement costs. In this page I’m going to be explaining the reasons why the large ad agencies are doing you a serious injustice by not supplying you with as good a service as they should be. You’re going to realize that as soon as you read this advice it will totally make sense to you and you are going to wonder the reasons you trusted your hard-earned money with these guys to begin with.

For starters, you will need to accept that advertising agencies are much like any other business, their prime aim is to make money. In marketing and advertising terms this simply means trying to sell ad space. Don’t be amazed when the ad representative proposes you opt for a bigger advertisement with more colors and in a more prominent location. The majority of people get caught in the trap of believing they’re doing it with your best interests in mind, however the fact is they simply want a better commission. Don’t succumb to this trap. Those that do choose one of these agencies make sure you have a very clear concept of what you want before you call these businesses and don’t allow them to try to upsell you. Believe me, they’re extremely effective in doing this, so watch out!

The next reason makes even more sense than the first. Just think about it for a moment, just how can the advertising consultancy determine whether or not the advertising campaign they made for you is useful or not? In terms of return on your investment, an ad campaign is only ever as good as the final results it produces, namely the total amount of new enquiries, phone calls or walk-ins for your business. So how can the ad agency keep track of this result? Short answer, they can’t. There is absolutely no way that any advertising company can tell with certainty if the ads they create are working. Sure, they may be employing industry best practices, yet things will probably never get better if they can’t fine-tune the advertisements against what gets results and what does not work. The only method of doing this is by testing again and again until you find the most reliable outcome.

Now, the very last reason why you should not depend on advertising agencies is because most likely they are thinking you are an idiot. Allow me to explain. Suppose you run an ad and it does not bring in any enquiries at all. The most popular reply you’re going to hear is something like this “you have just got to keep running the advert and things will most likely pick-up shortly”. Some might even declare that buyers require more time to get accustomed to your company branding or to let the meaning to get across. These companies can be pretty convincing if they want to be, but seriously when you consider it, it makes no sense whatsoever. If an advert delivers a bad response once, you would have to be a total fool to use exactly the same advertising campaign again. Yet, that’s what they are going to say because these businesses still want to have your hard earned dollars, but they’ll try and get out of designing your company a new advert whenever they can as it means additional work for them and they’ve already gotten the commission out of your sale, therefore there is no point.

Your best bet is usually to draft the advertisement yourself or get an in-house designer or contractor to make it for you. Track, test and re-write as frequently as you have to until you get it right.

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