Watching TV Shows and Movies Online can be fun and entertaining

I love spending time watching TV shows and movies. There’s nothing more fun and entertaining than a good movie or TV show. Some of my favorite TV shows are sitcoms like rosanne, Seinfeld, two and a half men and mike and Molly. I also like watching some of the reality TV shows like survivor, and the kardashians. My favorite TV show of all time though are nhl hockey games. I bought a brand new Sony bravia high definition TV so I can watch hockey games in HD. If you have never watched a TV show in high definition, it is an unbelievable experience to watch a sporting event in high definition. The image quality is so amazing that once you see it, you will immediately want a HD TV.

I also like to collect movies at a discount and have my own collection and video library of classic and movies that are new releases on DVD. Some of my favorite movies are action guy movies like James bond movies, some of my favorite actors are tom cruise, Brad Pitt, jack Nicholson, denzel Washington,and  John travolta.

There are some great web sites that can help me decide what movies are coming soon to theatres and have movie trailers like youtube, while other sites have movie reviews like rotten tomatoes and if you want to find out more about a specific actor you can get a lot of information at a web site like internet movie database (imdb).

Recently I have been doing research looking  for web sites that can show me how to watch Online TV shows Full Episodes and Watch download Online streaming movies on my computer. I found a great web site that shows me where I can buy, rent and download TV shows and movies legally online and at low cost so I can avoid driving to the local movie store each time I want to watch a TV series, TV show or movie.

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