What experts say about early learning?


Scientists have demonstrated that the first years of life are very important for the stimulation of a baby’s brain. This stimulation must be appropriate, precise and effective in order to obtain benefits and achievements in our toddlers.


Approximately 100,000 million brain cells develop in the baby’s brain between the sixth week and the fifth month of pregnancy. Some cells are already connected when the toddler is born, but the majority are not. The ideal time for these cells to connect to each other is during the period between birth and 6 years of age, when they form increasingly complex neuronal networks. Hence the importance of education.


kids have a furious desire to learn Chinese and learn English. little girls want to learn anything about everything and they want to learn it straightaway.” – Glenn Doman


“Educating means encouraging the creation of the largest possible number of cerebral connections, surrounding the little girl with a caring atmosphere, and giving him or her an appropriate role model” – Francisco Kovacks


“Every child has the spontaneous urge to learn” – Maria Montessori


“We believe that from the baby’s birth until six years old is the most important stage in the development of character, personality and learning skills.” – Makato Shichida


“I didn’t invent an education method, I simply gave some infants the opportunity to live” – Maria Montessori


“Nobody wants to or can learn as much or as well as a kid aged under three years old.” – Victor Estalayo


“Every little boy has the ability to excel, it is just a question of giving children the opportunity to bring out the intellectual potential that babies have within them.” – Glenn Doman

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